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• Access the Largest Supply of Business Credit Sources to Get Vendor, Fleet, Store, and Cash Credit Linked to Your EIN!

• Get Your Corporate Business Credit Profile Quickly Setup and Activated with D&B, Experian, and Equifax Commercial Saving You Time and Money

• Corporate Compliance Review to Ensure Your Business Will Exceed The Credit Issuer and Lender Credibility Standards to Get Automated Approvals

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Do your Free success scan. See what funding types your biz currently qualifies for , & see what aspects your business needs to improve to not look like a high risk to lenders. Address each step with plenty guidance and direct links. Then apply for Lines of credit , credit cards & business loans with confidence

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you will see what the lenders see. You will have video guidance of how to address any area you aren’t doing great in and direct links from multiple well known providers

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Did you know that if a Bank gives you a biz loan, they package it together , bundle a portfolio and sell the notes to investors on the secondary market ( let’s call it Wall Street)

They have to show the investors that the loans are “conforming “ and of moderate or low risk. They use compliance items to compare indicators

Such as “Bank rating , Address Type , Phone types , Trademark infringement , SIC codes” and other algorithms to see if you are likely to pay back or not. Learn the crriteria.

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Follow the beginning steps below. Some of these key pointers you’ll need to start establishing your business credit:

1. Create Corporation

2. Tax ID Number or EIN with the IRS

3. Your Dunns Number with D&B(Dun and Bradstreet)

4. Open business checking account

5. Get your business licenses

6. Make sure your company is credit ready or will have lending credibility with vendors and lenders alike by doing the following:

. Setup a separate phone number for your business under your business name and address

• Your Business address should never be a PO Box or UPS box address nor a home address

You can use a virtual office address. Ideally you want to use a commercial business address if you can.

• Purchase the domain for your business and create a professional email address and a website. Create a simple 5 page website or landing page . Be sure to have a services page and a contact page if you're not ready to build a full blown site.

• Setup your 411 directory listing and make sure your business is listed correctly on google, Bing and/or yahoo. , and Google My Business are good places to start

Leave as much of a balance in your Business Checking Account as you can for cash reserves and for your Business to look stable . This impacts your “Bank Rating”

• Call and ask about our Business Credit Building Packages!

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